Be a Paid Education Blogger! Enter Sopris Learning’s Blog Contest

By Sopris Learning

Sopris Learning is looking for passionate educators to share their views with an online community of colleagues through our EdView360 blog. Enter by blogging about your choice of three given topics and submitting of a short video explaining why we should hire YOU! The public will vote, and the winner will write for EdView360 at $100 per blog! Click Here for contest details.

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4 thoughts on “Be a Paid Education Blogger! Enter Sopris Learning’s Blog Contest

  1. Where are the possible topics listed?

  2. Hi, I’d like to enter this contest, but clicking on the link above just sends me to the contest page that does NOT have any rules listed, or links to rules, or links to the 5 topics. It does have a link to upload the blog post and video(s), but I can’t find anything that describes the contest rules or topics. Clicking on the EdView360Blog link from that page just brings users back to this page–creating a maddening circle of confusion. Am I missing something? Can you help me by posting a link to the actual rule page that also describes the acceptable topics to write on? Thank you!

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